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Originally Posted by londonsean69 View Post
Ryan, cheers for the comments.

How did the check dimensions measure up once you had joined the pages?

I might add a second diagonal check dimension the other way on the next batch, this will enable people to check across both diagonals. Although, in theory, once taped down, if people use the same check dim for both diagonals they should be OK.

I'm glad the template was of some use to you
As far as I remember the diag check dimentions were a few mil out after taping down using the join lines.

Although if I remember this was only checked after laying on the br's and realising they where slightly out. I am getting more sure that this is down to stretching as we were pulling the template quite hard to try and flatten it out.

At the end of the day its still a fantstic template that saves loads of time.
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