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1 Feb

Well I got me self into gear this week.

I had some cash in the build account and a week off coming up so I decided to spread the love and ordered stuff from several companies.

Three sheets of 8í x 4í ally from parkers,

Some suspension components from 3GE,

Some build components (Maxi ball joints, engine mounts etc)

Now I am skint until I sell a scooter or sell some more pictures.

3 Feb

I popped down to see the scrappy after work (12.30pm I know, I know, Wednesday is recce afternoon in Her Majestyís Armed Forces and I went and recced the scrappys) I only went to inquire when he would be able to collect and he said we will be around this afternoon.

So I shot home and removed the last brake pipe connectors, number plate and tax disc. Then gingerly (stop sniggering at the back) lowered the Sierra onto the trolley borrowed from fellow forum member SteveS. One good shove and the Sierra is now outside on the drive awaiting collection. Nicky returned from the school run and had a fit until I explained it is getting picked up in an hour and a half. He best turn up now!

9 pm and it is a no show by the srappy. I am right pi**ed off, but what can you do, he is picking it up for nothing. I will ring at 9 am ish tomorrow. The thing is I only pushed it out of the garage because he said he was coming tonight and now I canít push it back in so it will be sat on the drive all night and tomorrow until he collects.

I promised Nicky that I wouldnít do s**t like this and now she is p***d.

Tomorrows another day.

6 Feb

Would you believe the Sierra is still on the drive, I am getting some savage ear ache! Apparently he is having problems with his Hi-Ab, he best not bump into Nicky as he will have more than a problem with his Hi-Ab!

I have a little confession which I can now reveal, as the issue is fixed. Always remove the rear drive shaft nut whilst the car is on the ground! I can hear Handy Andy saying it now! Well, Ginge knows best and I didnít undo them. I thought after studying the Haynes Manual that the break back plate would come off the inboard end of the drive shaft.... it doesnít!

The upshot being, I had two driveshafts off the car with break back plates flapping about. I didnít mention anything on here as I had a plan. Off to REME workshops on Thursday, I walked up to the stores counter and asked for a 42mm socket, the store man didnít even bat an eyelid, just asked what it was in old money (1 and 5/8Ē) and produced the socket. Happy days! Off I trot home and here is where Iím lucky, I used my air gun and after a while both nuts are off. The one that is reverse threaded was a lot harder to remove but they are both of now.

Next week should see some proper progress as I have a week off, I will update pictures as I go and the Sierra best get picked up!!
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