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Default intruments advice please

doh !! INSTRUMENTS advice please

Right, now that i,ve retrieved that costume & my eyes are no longer watering

help please.........

i,ve decided to use the standard 1.8cvh on original carb for the IVA, so i,m going to use the original sierra instrument binnicle too........... but.........

i,d like to install an Oil pressure gauge & Oil temp gauge as an addition to the "warning lights only" of the standard binnicle.......

i,ve seen 2 that i like on the bay ....item number 120528889283,
the pressure gauge says it comes with the "sender",

my question is this

are all oil pressure senders a "universal fitting" & so will it fit into my engine block?

or does anyone have info on gauges that they have used & know that they will fit to my engine?

i don,t want to order these to then find that they don,t fit.

By the way.........i,ll be installing a new dash with individual gauges around the same time my engine goes "pop"

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