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Originally Posted by HandyAndy View Post
i,ve always wanted my Roadster to have a full array of individual gauges, so this will be the route i will take later in the year,
maybe its my age i like the full dash look, i,m not a fan of the modern all singing electronic dash single unit , used to have them on the bikes i used to race.
I'll be differen't ..... feeling rather naughty tonight

I guess some of the younger generation don't see the appeal of " That classic look " ...... Well unless it adds a few more BHP

On a more serious note ...... Surely an oil gauge will give an earlier indication of failing oil pressure than a pressure switch ever could !!??
By the time you have a steady flickering light ....... Mains will probably be FUBAR'ed allong with the crank journals
I am not a complete idiot...........Some of the parts are missing !!
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