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Originally Posted by swe7 View Post

I like the seets and bottom. superlight.
Yes! Genuine Swedish pine tree

Originally Posted by K4KEV View Post
Car is impressive Syl ....well done on another milestone....tell you what tho that video camera must have a seriously good image stabilization system as it was super smooth especially when walking.....looks a lot like you are striving for getting it onto the road in spring I would say you are well postioned to do just that
Thanks Kev. Yes, my goal is to have it finished for next spring. Hope I can live up to that. Regarding the camera, it is actually a tiny photo camera (pocket size Canon Ixus 120). So I think the steadiness has to be credited to my girlfriend

Originally Posted by Janne E View Post
Well done
Looks and sounds great!!!!
If i look at the houses it looks like your in Småland..

Spot on Janne, Småland it is !

Thank you for the nice comments and wishes guys. Still a lot of work to do, but it is becoming more and more real!
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