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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Hmmm, my downloaded copy of the manual does not have a section 31, the only section it has that has anything to do with seatbelts is section 19 and it has no picture or mention of a reference point. Starting to think I have a dodgy download, will get another from the Vosa site.
The only diagram I have of the seat shows the headrest height at 753mm above the seat squab.
Thanks for the replies chaps.

Glad I am not the only one !!

I thought I was going off my trolley, Knowing I had read that section & then unable to find it again for another read

Probably reading an online version at the time, meethinks it best that I download a new copy as well

My memory was 50mm out .... That's about parr for the course with me .... My mental tape measure needs replacing
I am not a complete idiot...........Some of the parts are missing !!
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