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Default MX5 Donor, Using as a Donor/problems/solutions/advice Info

A great suggestion has been put forward by forum member "Johno" to have a dedicated MX5 Donor page on the forum, as the Sierra is getting a little thin on the ground & as the current "Book" is written around using a Sierra then this thread will hopefully be a source of information for any current or future builders using the MX5 as a Donor.

There are currently some great builds in progress using the MX5 & all have their own "Build Threads" so, this thread will be a source of helpful tips / advice / solutions of using the MX5 which may hopefully help all current builders & hopefully encourage any future builders of a Roadster that may possibly think twice about a build due to a shortage of Sierra,s to take the plunge & build with an MX5.

So......Over to you guys who are or will be using this alternative Donor .

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