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So things are progressing nicely.

I have now filled the diff with oil, flushed the cooling system and I'm about to refill it with coolant.

I have secured the rear tub top panel to the car using some bond on cable tie bases and cable ties for the rear most edge. The front most edge and the fuel filler cap area are bolted into position so it's really just to stop it flapping.

The cable tie bases are a very useful things and are used extensively on race cars. Matched with some Loctite F246 structural adhesive you can mount them most places.

I have secured the access hatch into the rear boot to stop it dropping inwards.

I have also bought a winch for my trailer and a strap type tow loop which I have mounted to the top front wishbone mount. It will allow me to winch the car onto the trailer and the trailer into the garage (nose first) without needing assistance. I do need to see how much diagonal pull there is when the trailer arrives, with a straight pull the strap clears the nose cone, if there is a significant angle on the tow rope then it will start to contact the nose cone so that may require a rethink.

My trailer collection date is set at 31st October and I have a rolling road session booked at Bogg Brothers for 7th November. I am hoping to attend Blyton park on 28th November but I think I will wait to book that once I've had my session at the rolling road in case there are any problems.

Left on the list is to apply the sealant to my sausage filter backing plate, glue on edge trim, check all bolts and fasteners are tight. Check the gearbox oil. Setup the ride height and set the tracking.
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