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Well the day was finally here!

After the dyno breaking a few weeks ago meaning I had to rearrange my rolling road session again it was finally time! And what a day for it as it was absolutely chucking it down. I do need to drill some holes in my seat and floor to drain the water out!

I really just wanted the day to shake the car down, make sure there were no major issues with it and make sure the fueling was safe.

The day turned into more of a mammoth session that I had hoped as for some reason the engine was running massively rich. Trying smaller jets, different needles and different diaphragm springs got it nearly dialed in, however it is still fuelling a bit rich but it is in a safe running condition now. I will go back again in the future with some 2.0l cams and a full selection of main jets.

Other things I found out from the day were that I have wired up the rad fan the wrong way as it is spinning the wrong way. I need to put a 2x offset in for my rpm gauge and change some settings on my dash to get my temp gauge linked to the right input. It is now also reading the correct road speed.

It was fantastic, although nerve wracking see the car that has taken 12 years to get here finally being run through its paces.

I have my IVA test booked for 28th May so here is hoping that all goes well. I still have a few jobs to complete to get it ready but hopefully there won't be too many things to correct.

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