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So the IVA test at Derby went pretty well yesterday. The only fail points were on emissions, fog light marking and headlight alignment.

My carbs are still massively over fuelling which seemed to get worse during the day, so I need to have another rolling road sessions at someone more familiar with carbs. I am going to get booked in at Bogg Bros. I will buy another set of carbs, buy a full main jet kit and take along an extra bike fuel pump to try and get to the bottom of it.

My fog light is E marked but it needs to have an F or a B on it. I bought my fog light before the new rules came in. So I have ordered a new lens assembly to sort this.

Finally I had done up my headlight nuts too tight so he couldn't adjust my headlights during the test. I just need to loosen these for my retest.

A couple of other things that I need to tweak is to remove the dB killer from the exhaust as with it fitted it is very good on noise but you can't get an emissions probe down the exhaust.

I also need to make a heatshield for my exhaust manifold as it is getting my bonnet very hot.
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