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Originally Posted by CTWV50 View Post
Nah, I won't be beaten by the authorities! It's a roadworthy vehicle give or take a few more bits of s**t.
Ha, it's not just that, whilst you need a budget IRO 800-900+ just for the paperwork (450 test, 1 retest at 90, transport (possibly insurance) to and from the test, first reg fee (55?), 230 tax), it's the cost of the additional parts for compliance, then ~500 per annum in tax and insurance...all in all, you're not going to get that much change from a 2K spend. I'm unlikely to add 2K of value to the car.

When you think I would probably do 1000/2000 miles a year in it, it's not the sort of car you can park up an leave for an hour at your local supermarket, I have a fairly (but not super) quick and very fun daily driver, I primarily want to do track days and something a bit more with it; me doing an IVA just doesn't make enough sense to justify the expenditure. That money can be much more usefully spent...

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