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hi I cut and shut the mx5 loom (mk2.5) as there were so many cross wires I decided it was so much easier to pick up the stalk wires and rewire from there .
I'm trying to remember how I did it but from the dim and dark recesses, and there is probably a much easier way !!!!
I ran the ignition feed to the relay then to the stalk which obviously then feeds either side, I used a second relay with a permanent live feed , relay to the hazard switch (rdx has 2 sides so that the indicator signal does not cross) wired into the indicator wires.
hope that makes some kind of sense, basically I have 2 circuits feeding into the indicator wiring, 1 perm live (hazards) 1 ign live (indicators) not sure how to do it if using the mx5 hazard switch.
I would try replacing the indicator relay first and see what happens from there regarding the hazard function, I guess you could put a diode (one way current) in hazard to indicator wiring if you have to rewire this would stop any cross feeding when using the indicators.
hth Gary
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