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Originally Posted by Ricky View Post
Hi everyone I'm having a issue with the steering wheel support frame . In the drawing it gives you three sizes for mounting the support frame the one size is 402 which is fine I know this but the other two on the same side 473 and 456 on the same side now I'm guessing that 473 is the one side on the outside tube and 456 is on the inner tube . Now does this work cause if you do the one 473 and other 456 I'm thinking it won't be straight now how do you mount this and which size do you use or what do I do could someone please help me

I don't know where these measurements come from, but not from the book for sure. Perhaps from some MX-5 based Haynes roadster plans, like Saturn? Could you please mention in your posts what you are building? Thanks.

Also, please, if you could use more punctuation, like more points and comas, your posts would be much easier to read (at least for me !) Thank you.

Anyway, when it comes to the steering wheel support tubes (SW#), normally, the longer tube is the inner one, as it is welded on top of the transmission tunnel tube, which is lower than the chassis top tube, where the shorter SW tube is welded. So the shorter one should be on the outer side.

It make sense that they don't have the same length to get the frame straight, as the fitting point of one (trans tunnel top tube) is lower than the fitting point of the other (chassis top tube).

Hope I'm clear and that this will help
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