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I passed the IVA last July, and spent the next couple of months snagging & tweaking as below:

Check Nearside Front Wishbone Ball Joints

Additional cooling holes / vents in side panels

Renew oil pressure switch

Check & clean distributor cap / timing

Repair sticking throttle cable with additional return spring

Clean positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV )

Valve / tappet clearances set

Renew Steering Track Rods - Escort RS2000 from Rally Design where the wrong taper

Check Handbrake Adjustment

Top up differential oil with EP80/W90 (Wish I had done this before assembling)

Driving in the sun soaking up the pleasure from all the hard work

Generally trying not to spend to much on the roadster and concentrating on buying anything new born baby related (due on the 3rd January!)
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