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Default Zetec and Euro5

In your experience, can a Zetec (1.6 or 2.0) pass euiro5 emission tests?

Euro 5:
CO=1.0 g/km
THC=0.10 g/km
NMHC=0.068 g/km
NOx=0.060 g/km
PM=0.005 g/km

I have a Haynes roadster with a 2.0i DOHC from 1992 (Sierra)+cat converter, built in Sweden. Now I'm back in France, but here, unlike in the UK or in Sweden, the emissions have to comply with the year the car has been registered for the first, not the engine year. In my case, it is 2014, so to have it registered in France now, I need to pass Euro5 emission tests. I doubt my 1992 engine will .

I'd love to change for a modern 1.6 or 2.0 Ecoboost, but prices are still prohibitive. So, if I could get away with a Zetec, that would be great as there are still plenty of them and they are cheap.

What to you think?

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