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Chassis chassis, oh chassis, hope your happy now that you nearlly b*****y finished.
Well there we have it, chassis number 2 finished. A massive milestone. Really looking forward to the next phase of the build, a lot less angle grinding and welding. I'm proud having done the chassis but its a long slog!

Painted it with epoxy mastic from rustbuster, just used the cheapy spray gun that came with my compressor, it looks good. The standard finish is a gloss black, I bought the starter pack but will need another to do underneath and a second coat. I used some wet and dry/wire wool to rub down the chassis finished with a wiper over of thinners, note to self don't leave a big roll of wire wool around when grinding, well that is if you value your garage!!!!

IMAG0224 by mjb22001, on Flickr

IMAG0218 by mjb22001, on Flickr

IMAG0219 by mjb22001, on Flickr
I've also added a second plate for the zetec engine install after IVA from recollection its in the right place so should save me welding come upgrade.
I notched the top rail to clear the cvh thermo housing and added a 25mm rail behind the notched one to add the strength back into the chassis.
I've also left off two of the diaganols at the rear to fit a bigger fuel tank, the roll bar rails will add the necessary support in this area, its pretty tough as is!
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:

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