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Well i finally got my floor cut, ordered the ali from aluminium warehouse which I liked as its all on line, uk delivery no messing and i think the price was reasonable £70 delivered for a large sheet, it came on a wooden pallet and was coated both sides with plastic.

Laid the sheet on my build table, placed the chassis on top and marked out the floor. 15 minutes with the jigsaw job done.

I got some sikaflex from screwfix and ordered some countersunk pop rivets, some people have reported the glass fibre side panels need a lot of work to fit so I think countersinking the rivets will make this a lot easier.

50 rivets later and I have RSI in my hand and the drills flat! should finish the job tonight.

Then, there might be a slight chance of getting it on its wheels and the engine and box in! Can't wait, that will be a massive milestone for me!
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