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Default roll hoop design and origanal no longer ok for motorsports

some of you may know that the MSA (governing body of motor sport in UK) have made some changes to how roll over protection systems or ROPS are applied to some classes of car.
i have been hillclimbing my car as a roadgoing spechalist production car and as of 2016 this class of car requires a ROPS to be fitted and this makes it fall into been complient to the regs for ROPS by the msa. so i would need to remake my one to still compete

i would stress that anyone thinking of using thair car in motorsport in the future download a copy of the "blue book" and read section K

the orignal book hoop will need a bit of a redesign to be sutable for use in most motorsports.

im thinking the angle of the sides needs increasing to make sides more upright or top straight bit been longer, tube used shoud be as blue book spec for all tubes so backstays are too small, also fit a diagnal cross brace (coud be a iva issue for rearward field of view)

hope this helps?
blue book has some good bits about ROPS so well worth a read anyway
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