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Originally Posted by CTWV50 View Post
I'll have to buy a fitting then, I wish I had a lathe.

What car is the rad and intercooler from? They look a neat solution.


"The Mercedes 190E radiator that many of the Haynes Roadster guys use has an oil cooler built in.

eBay Item

Its upside down in those ebay pictures, the red caps are on the oil filter in/out.

Yeah the rad is a 190E radiator. The core is exactly the same size as the intercooler. I have ducting in the nose too so that air cant go around the intercooler.

My temps still run at upto 110c. I have a full reroute in place and the fan switch is at the thermostat. In traffic the fan will come on and bring it back down to 102. It seems my fan switch actually comes on at 110 and off at 102 rather than 97/92 as its supposed to. Its new too.

Im going to try running the fan off the ECU for a while at a lower temp to see if that helps but It will probably just end up with the fan on permanently. If not ill try without the thermostat to see if it overcools then but really its when im going 70-80mph on the motorway im getting the most heat into the engine, its sitting at 4000 rpm so whenever you apply some throttle its into boost.

I think the radiator just isnt removing enough heat so I have a spare 190 radiator with a hole in it and Im thinking of sending that off to have an aluminium twin or tripple core copy made up if nothing else helps.

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