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Originally Posted by will_08 View Post
What peugeot engine you using Bertie?

i was thinking away down the line the 406 V6 engine could be the way to go, they are cheap as chips with some power 215bhp standard. not sure if it would fit in a seven though

I'm gonna start with a 1900 GTi engine (I have a couple o 2ltr engines here too).

The plan is a big valve head off a 2ltr turbo'd engine, R1 bike carbs (custom manifold), Kent high lift/long duration cam, 1600 pistons to up the compression and a stainlees one pipe exhaust...

The V6 is a good engine though i would choose the 2ltr turbo'd engine over it...

I have messed about with the turbo'd engines and the last one was 340 Bhp, maybe too much for the haynes roadster...

Cost so far? 1031.32 and i dont have one yet......
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