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A bit more progress, I couldn't get my engine running, it did in the past but lately wouldn't start with the odd cough and back fire.
I replaced the coil pack and leads to no effect, I cleaned the jets out etc Still no good. As a last resort I send my NODIZ ecu to be checked. As it turns out they just send me a new one as they have changed the connector design. Long story short once I had swapped the connections for the new plug to the loom and hooked it up it fired first time so there must have been a fault there somewhere.
I've also started to tidy up my wiring loom and mounted the fuse boxes on the scuttle. Next job wire up the front lights. No she's running again I feel a spurred on to break the back of the wiring!
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:
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