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Seem to making progress on the build at the minute, beginning to think I'm not really to far away. Made two U channels to clamp side panel to chassis in the cockpit, would have been easy with a proper cutter and folder but made a reasonable job with an angle grinder and some wood. Fitted my other rear wheel arch and have fitted both side panels properly. Started on my bonnet catches, have one side done. Also made an exhaust hanger for the silencer to sit on. Overall the car doesn't look much different but its good to get all these little jobs out the way.
My To Do list is:

Rear Lights (mount and wire) £80
Indicators (mount and wire) Rear Arch repeaters £20
Fuel sender and plumb in fuel tank with filler £100
Dashboard (gauges and wiring) £250
Handbrake (shorten cable and mount lever)
Finish Roll bar (harnesses mounts, rear stays) £30 plus powder coat
Mount Interior Panels (cover in 3m etc)
Tranny Tunnel Finishing (gaiters and surrounds) £50
Bleed Brakes (New front discs and pads) £30
Front Grill £10
New exhaust link pipe (draw up and get made) £25
Front Wing Stays £35
Nuts and Bolt check (new bottom ball joint as gaters split) £20
Mirrors £50
IVA Trim

So about £600 to go unfortunately funds are a bit tight so I think about 4 months away (that's nothing after 4.5 years currently building) So final push to get it finished over xmas (maybe sooner if funds allow)

September - Rear Lights and Indicators, Bonnet Catches, Mount interior trim panels, cover and mount dash blank
October - Roll Bar and Dash Gauges Phase 1, Hand Brake
November - Dash Gauges Phase 2, Grill and Brakes
December - Harnesses, Fuel Sender and Filler and Finishing

That doesn't seem to bad!
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:

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