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Hi Arf,

Good to hear from you.

Yes, I still have the drawings for my pedal box. they are available for download here:

Lately, I have worked on a Solidworks version of it, but I haven't had the time to finish since I got a new job. The Solidworks version has the accelerator pedal angled, as I realized driving my car that at full throttle, my heel touched the bottom of the pedal, and it is not nice/comfortable.

Feel free to make any modification you want, and if you do, I'd be happy to know which ones please.

On my side, my car is unfortunately stuck in the garage: I have been back in France for 2 years, and need to have it registered here. But it is not just a paperwork matter as the Swedish road certification is has is national only and not European, and the French administration wants me to take tests in France. That sucks big time, because in France, unlike in Sweden and in the UK, there is only ONE approved test centre (!) it is in Paris, so more than 600km from where I live, and the tests only cost 2000 !!! Well you understood by now that everything is done here for people not having self-build cars. So I'm very disappointed, because I don't have this kind of money (plus the trip, accommodation, etc. and not even being sure to pass the tests). So, living in the sunny south of France and not being able to enjoy my Roadster is a huge pain.
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