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Default Build Officially Started!

I've officially started my build now!

HandyAndy, has very kindly lent me his build table and i've now started assembling it all.

My garage suddenly seems much smaller with an 8'x4' build table in the middle of it

Although 2 steps forward, 1 step back. My recently purchased MIG welder (Clarke 151EN) has got a faulty gas valve, so the torch leaks a small amount of gas, even when the trigger isnt depressed. I've ordered a new one at the grand cost of 18.85 delivered, so all is not lost .

Theres always a silver lining though as it now means i've got all weekend to ensure the bottom rails are perfect without my MIG trying to tempt me into rushing ahead .

I'll start a build blog shortly and put the link in my signature.

I'd just like to thank HandyAndy and the rest of you's in getting me to this stage so far, im sure i'll require more help in the future though

1.8 Silvertop Zetec (ZX6R Carbs + Megajolt) + Type 9

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