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Originally Posted by K4KEV View Post
Believe me... it is worth it when you wipe the smile off some of the boy racers and the older peeps who do have fast cars wiping the floor with them is absolutely priceless as is taking anybody out for a spin their expressions again priceless track days are fine when it is FINE but if it aint, then its wet and a waste of money I find the challenge was the build itself, I don't need a challenge on the road, I just want to enjoy driving it when it is nice weather....just my 2p worth
And that's the thing, that has absolutely zero appeal to me, already done that through a few seasons of autotesting. And while others complimenting the car would be nice, I'm not building it to please them. I'm building it to please me.

Originally Posted by Powler View Post
Each to their own, thats what makes building your own car so good. Until I read an article on Ron Champions book, I thought it was an impossible dream.
Exactly. If it wasn't for being able to say I specced (which is taking a lot of time spent and several reversed decisions) and built my own car, I probably would have bought an already built car that needed work. I probably would even need to buy some CV boots
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