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May was definitely a long time ago! But with a temporary 10% paycut made permanent due to COVID put a stop to my trailer buying plans.

That paycut has thankfully now been reversed. The past few months have also shown how rare a C4 Blue or Minno Max trailers are or how well they hold onto their value. So I have today just ordered a brand new C4 Blue so that I can finally get the car out on track!

My trailer is due to turn up at the end of October so I am trying to get a rolling road session booked for early November with Bogg Bros to get my carbs/ignition map setup for the track.

The plan is to do Blyton Park at the end of November if everything goes well.

I have since fixed my immobiliser light and redone the electrical connections for my fog light switch. I have acquired some oil to refill my diff and I'm checking fluid levels for my gearbox this weekend as it was 6 years ago when I filled it up and I want to double check it!
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