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I'll definitely get a picture of the trailers arrival.

I have since decided to replace the cambelt, tensioners and water pump. On firing up the engine last week when changing the coolant I noticed a squeak coming from the cambelt area which had me concerned.

With the standard silvertop water pump with the smooth pulley I am also spinning the pump backwards. So I have now ordered an escort water pump from Retro Ford to replace this with as this spins clockwise. They sell a kit which includes a new lightweight ribbed pulley as the original escort pulleys are like hen's teeth now.

The cambelt/water pump on the engine is of complete unknown age. I have had the engine at least 10 years and the engine is now 30 years old so to be safe and avoid the engine going pop I feel it would be best to replace it. I previously decided against it as the engine only cost me 40 and the cambelt kit is 60 so didn't seem worth it, I have since come to my senses!
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