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Hi David,

Thanks for your infos. I've spend the last days to get information about SVA standard test and french regulations. It seems that the IVA will replaced the SVA in April, according to the N° 2007/46/CE european directive, as well as our french "single vehicule approval".

But I haven't managed to find a complete list (with all the dimensions (mirrors, lights position, seats and belts anchorages...), values (exhausts emissions, brakes, noise...) that are checked during SVA tests.

I think you brought your car to SVA test in january 2009, so you must have follow a checklist to be sure about the SVA compliance.
But there are still lots of questions without responses yet.

Is your car based on a Ford Sierra donor car ? What are your car's caracteristics ?

In this case, for example, the age of your car will be the one of the donor car or it will be considered as a new vehicule ?
And what about the exhauts emissions rule ?

Once your car have passed the test, do you receive a conformity certificate (conformity to english regulations ? To european regulations (I think maybe with the IVA test) ?

What is a BEC conversion ? (I'm speaking of your Renault 4 Fourgon, of course).


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