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Hi Jesse.

Wow a lot of questions....

Easy one first...
you will read a lot of people refering to BEC and CEC
This is BEC = Bike engined car. CEC = Car engined car

A lot of people are now using big bike engines for their cars (BEC)
They make good track cars because of the power to weight is so good.
Personaly I prefer a standard car engine for the road (CEC)

My car is based on a Ford Sierra 1987 with a standard 1800cc Pinto engine
So the car is registered as a 1987
The emissions are also based on a 1987

The SVA test is to check it conforms to British regulations
I think the new IVA will need to conform to European regulations
(I'm not entirly sure about this) And yes the SVA is due to finish in April.
The IVA regulations ( As I understand it) have not been finalised yet, so cannot say how they will be different from the SVA test.

I built my car up during all of 2008, basicly exactly to the Haynes Roadster book. So I knew it would be OK for the SVA test.

The good thing about this Forum and also the Forum
You can ask questions whilst you are building. Because you will find people have already found the answers to most of the problems you are lightly to encounter. So there is always some one that can give you the answer you are looking for.

Just one thing Jesse Mate......How come your English speling is better than mine?????? LOL

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