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Ok - success!

Here's what I did. The easiest union to get to was the one from the solid pipe from the MC to the flexi line on the slave. I undid this and pumped the pedal slowly, and nothing happened.

I then put a small amount of air pressure on the fluid in the reservoir by sealing my lips round it (don't worry it's very clean!). In a few seconds, fluid dribbled out. Then i tightened it and undid the slave bleed nipple and did the same thing, again, fluid dribbled out.

That last paragraph would sound rather perverted if you didn't know I was talking about a car! The wife just read id and is now rolling around laughing.

Anyways, I then went back to the regular 2 man bleeding method and it seems bled properly now. But man is the pedal stiff now! I'm at it again! stop it now just stop it!

I shortened the pedal about 1 quarter from the donor but i didn't expect it to be this stiff. Will it free up in use? I hope so.
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