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Originally Posted by voucht View Post
I'm sorry to high jack this thread for a related question .
I have bought the same kind of grid as David if I refer to the picture on the link, but now, I'm wondering how to attach it to the nose cone?
I thought about cutting it larger than the nose cone hole, folding the edges, and glue them to the inside of the edge/lip of the nose cone with (Sikaflex). would this be acceptable? How did you guys attached yours?
I used industrial epoxy on the recommendation of east coast fibreglass in South Shields. I went in to buy some fibreglass and they recommended this...

It's very sticky!

Chris, I have looked in my garage and there isn't enough left for a grill as I had a couple of failed attempts first.

Click to see my build photos on Flikr

Saturn MX5 Based Chassis, Limited Slip Diff & 2.4 Quick Rack.

Build cost.... seems to be spending more on tools than car bits at the moment! (they will be handy in the future though).
Car iva'd and passed 15/08/2014. Finished weight 572kg.
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