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Originally Posted by twinturbo View Post
Late model Granada had an electroic speedo IIRC. and should be easier to modify than a Scorpio one. The 2.9 Scorpio uses a 3.62 diff the same as the Sierra 2.9 although the speedo drive rate may be different on the Auto and Manual. ( if you can find a L8 Granada 4x4 with electronic speedo then your onto a faily good result I Guess.)

Thank you for the tip TT.
For now, I bought a new drive cable and it is working very well. I could reroute the cable a little to have a nicer bend, but still, it is pretty tight, and I think it won't last for ever. But I'm not driving a lot with the Roadster, so it will do for now. But next time I have a problem, I will check this Granada option for adapting an electronic speedo on my cluster, very good info. Thanks

Originally Posted by norton View Post
Would a new after market one not be an option. They're built to accept a wide range of inputs and should be programmable.

Thats if theirs a cheap enough one available.

If not, there's a million and one bike speedos that could be adapted. They look nice and are generally cheap and plentiful.
Thanks for the input. Yes, it would be very nice indeed. But if I put an aftermarket electronic speedo, I will need to change my complete instrument panel, and add a tacho, fuel gauge, water temp, oil pressure, etc. of the same range as the speedo. And redo my dashboard. That is an improvement I'll do one day on the car, but I definitely don't have the funds for that at the moment, so I need to keep my Sierra's instrument cluster, and adapt an electronic speedo on it when times comes. Also, I'm not a big fan of the motorbike or motorbike like digital dash. But it is just a question of taste there ;-) Thanks!
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