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Exclamation Reverse gear for bike engined cars

Hi everyone, I was just looking at a bike engined option for my car & got me thinking about the reverse gear. Loads of kits start at a grand, then I came across a reverse gear motor by it's roughly 4kg in weight, peak draw is 40amps, so a relay & heavy duty cable is required, but at only 295 including vat it's a viable option. I am not electrical minded, but I am sure that this gear could be actuated by a push button on the dash, obviously you need a safety to only allow it to be engaged in neutral.
I have approached for a wiring diagram, as soon as I get it I will share it up on this thread.
You can't buy direct from, so you need to go to their vendor, part number is LMS362. in case you want yo call them : 01522 888178. I hope this helps someone else !
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