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Well i spoke to SuperChips about it and the chap i spoke in the tech department said i am lucky to find one and still fitted to the ECU, they no longer make this spec as it was one of the first they did with ford,a sat first the ECU needed fettling to take a chip but although this is an early ECU it was made by ford to take these chips, there was a plastic cover on it which you scrapped off to fit the chip.
This chip will give make the car run richer, better throttle control and give 5-10 % more BHP and same Trq, so not a bad thing at all, he said to try the car without it and then fit it and see the difference and then decide if to keep it or not. In all i got a bargain with this engine, complete but for alternator, loom ECU etc etc, and with top range HT leads and plugs and now a superchip fitted, oh happy days ))))))

Now i need the stock calibration for this ECU i have on my ford 2.9i v6 ECU
with this ECU spec, i csn then get software for home tuning

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