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Default Vmax's humble pie

I am sorry about my low profile for the last couple of days i needed to take some time out to think and work out my plan

On 26th of jan the wife walked out not going into what happened but when she left she did take all the money with her leaving me with just 42p the moulds and the materials to make most of your parts as you can imagine this was a very stressful time and if i am honest i lost motivation to do anything and actually spent a long time sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself working maybe 2 hours a day anyway because of my low mood and wo is me and lack the day attitude

Going into this venture i intended to produce good quality parts on time and at a reasonable price this for a number of reasons hasn't happened and i apologise for any grief i have cause to my customers you all have every reason to be p****d off

As a result of my attitude i have run out of money for daily living and bills forcing me to find a part time job to make ends meet this will at least get me out of bed on a morning so i will be able to get more done

As i have said i am willing to offer refunds as and when i have the cleared funds but i will have to earn this money before i can give it back as all my funds are in the materials in the workshop (and dinning room and spare bedroom)

I will endevour to deliver all parts as soon as possible but i am working alone and a full kit is about 75 hours work

The condition issues with the moulds is to the nosecone and rear arches moulds and they require a lot of finishing and thats if they don't lock to the mould these moulds i am trying to get time to make new ones and improve quality and lead times

I have switched on my facebook page and deleted some messages on here and as i said in the start i wont ignore anyones messages so feel free and i will always help where i can

Many thanks for your understanding and i will improve service starting now

I do apologise for my behaviour and qttitude to all that have been affected
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