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Ok I have dealt with Dave and also can vouch for him as a person
I am not going to make excuses for the communication or his personal situation but will clarify a few points re the mounds I have had a previous set of bodywork from these moulds ( Gilliam) and there are issues with them the "current" wide scoop bonnet requires @ 1/4" removing from the centreline in front of the scoop opening, reinforcing and refinishing. Only do this once you are able to clamp it down on the car .
There are and have been some " marks" in the mould on the outside edge of the o/s rear arch
I know that he is working hard to sort these issues and I wish both him and all waiting the very best
As a wee pointer anyone taking seconds with a view to wrapping them , don't use red vinyl as it very quickly fades to pink .... I know from experience

Good luck one and all
remember we are not mad just creatively insane
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