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Originally Posted by robo View Post
Not meaning to piss on your fireworks eddy but there is still a fair bit of fabbing to do and putting all the running gear on at this stage is going to make hard work of welding up all the missing bits unless you are handy at positional welding.

Just thoughts

I appreciate the comment Bob, and its something I put a bit of thought into before starting to assemble the running gear.

The garage I'm working in doesn't have a lot of space, so being able to wheel the car out will give me more space to work with.

The next things I want to get sorted are engine/gearbox location and steering column, which I can do with it on wheels.

The chassis will need to be stripped bare for top coat at some point anyway, so I will be able to manouvre it into positions to weld up anything I can't manage whilst its on wheels.

Assembling the running gear this early has also meant I can identify any problems with the chassis as soon as possible, rather than once I've added all the little bits - I posted recently about my rack not fitting and it turns out the mounts aren't wide enough apart, something that may have gone unnoticed for quite a while if I were doing things differently.

I don't think anyone's build will be in exactly the same order, this way just seemed to suit me best.
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