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Default Loony's BEC Roadster Build Thread

Maybe it's to early, but to keep forum clean I decided to create my build thread.

Beginings where similar to everyones here.
First I bought the book "Build your own sports car: for as little as 250GBP" on Book costs 0,99GBP and 5GBP p&p It was about 2 years ago...
I realized that it will be very difficult to find parts mentioned in the book here in Poland. So... I need something for more popular Ford Sierra.
Next - in August 2010 - I bought "proper" book... and so it begins.
I choose BEC because I want something different than my last project (powerfull but heavy - turboed '93 BMW 325i). Must be lightweight and... with better economy - cheap insurance, good MPG. So "under 1000cc" BEC will be what I'm looking for.
In October I bought Sierra rear end - propshaft, 3.62 LSD diff, driveshafts, calipers, rear hubs and front uprights. Then - to keep proper brake bias - I bought Mondeo Mk2 V6 front calipers (same as Scorpio/Granada Cosworth) to use with 278mm brake disks.

I cleaned rear calipers and painted with black Hammerite:

Now it's time for front calipers, uprights and rear hubs.

Yesterday I got my laser cut chassis plates (with modified front wishbones plates for use with Kadett/Lanos ball joint - Maxi is unavailable in Poland):

Next - I need Mig/Mag welder

ZX9R BEC Haynes Roadster - build cost so far: 1125
My build thread

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