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Hi all, am rattling through the IVA (Ireland) document to see what parts are pertinent to a roadster type build.

I spoke with various parties and the UK and Irish systems are aligned but glancing at the IVA Manual (UK) and the NSAI IVA (Ire) there seems some differences.

In respect of the section 39. emissions there is a provision for calculation of the CO2 emissions based on Fuel, Car weight, transmission and Engine Power for vehicles that have not had a tailpipe emissions test.

found here.
(about a third of the way down)

The NSAI have confirmed that this will be acceptable documentary evidence on this.

Couple of observations about this calculations
Automatic petrol vehicles are more affected by weight than power.
Diesel vehicles are not affected by engine power.

(1 bhp = 0.75kW) ie 100 hp = 75kW
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