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Question Lhd

Hi to everyone,

I have just got the book and after scanning through the forum was amazed to find the 3d cad for a LHD Roadster. Thank you to Fabrun awsum work. As you can see by my profile I live in Germany and am thinking about building a LHD.

From the 3d I can see that TR5 is on the opposite side but what about the transmission tunnel does that have to be altered as well, ie swoping TT2 and TT3, TT9 and TT11, TT10 and TT12 and the angles changed accordingly?

I have got a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 16V, 90BHP. Does any body know if this engine can be married to a Sierra G/box?

Would it make a difference to the SVA if it was LHD?

Any advice is much appreciated

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