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Originally Posted by 7ishNZ View Post
I have just finished a brake upgrade on my 2 litre turbo 7. I was running 260mm solid rotors with Wilwood 2 pot Dynapro single calipers, but they were struggling to get rid of the heat.
The upgrade is 298mm Subaru WRX front ventilated rotors, Wilwood Dynalite 4 pot calipers, 1.75" pistons, with a 7/8" master cylinder.

The offset of the WRX rotor is good for the sierra upright, and it fits ( just) into a 15" rim ( offset 38). The centre bore of the wrx is 55mm, so both the centre ( 63.5mm) and the middle of the rotor (132mm) require some simple machining to clear the sierra hub. The hub also needs to be redrilled for the Ford pattern.

No more brake problems....
Thats a cracking mod. I did wonder how the standard sierra braking system would cope in one of these cars with a bigger lump + associated HP

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