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Thanks Chris it will be interestin to hear what they say. The questions I raised guys were hyperthecal, and I intend to build mine to the IVA regs. However I'm sure you have all read posts on the Locost forum about post SVA mods, such as adding a windscreen or weather protection. Question is how much does the canvas roof cut down visability, would the car pass the SVA/IVA with it in place.

You may thinks I'm asking stuped questions but I think things like this are going to be looked at much more closely in the future. The story recently of the guy who caused the death of his four children with his modified Land Rover highlights many things that the law will be looking at. Setting aside the fact that his car was poorly maitained, the prosicution also said that many of the mods carried our were ill advised, would fitting non SVA bonnet clips be ill advised. The Land Rover community followed the case closely and questions were raised about modding, one possible effect will be, I would think, a steep rise in costs for insurance for anything other than a completly standard car. I know I pay an exter priemum for the suspension lift, larger tyres and spots/roofrack, I don't mind paying the extra but for how long will we be allowed to carry out such mods.

Also it would seem that the SVA test is not as uniform as we would think, one instance last week I read was a car failed the SVA for not having a heat shield on the exhaust, yet another passed with no problems.

Sorry to ramble on about this but cases like the above will mean a definate hardening of attitude by the Law and insurance co's, and in this increasingly litigious socity we need to be very vigulent in how we go about our hobby.
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