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Originally Posted by mr henderson View Post
Hardly aggressive, taking the pee, maybe, but not agressive at all

If you want comments on the design, you will have to do better than a couple of CAD renderings, one of each product, how are we supposed to see the design from those. Any pictures of the real thing or is this just an idea you've had?

As my learned friends have pointed out, stuff like your is well out of context on this forum, where people are not choosing to spend big bucks on components such as you are offering.

There are other, more suitable forums where people are choosing to make bigger budgets available but then I expect you will find they are being supplied with all the necessary bits by their kit manufacturers.

You've obviously got some good CAD skills, and should you choose to use those to create designs which are more appropriate I shall look forward to seeing them.
I appreciate all of your comments, although a bit aggressive.
I will take into account your suggestions. Thanks a lot!
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