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Welcome to the forum

Like other members have said, your products look very nice , without doubt, a precision bit of engineering,


On a personal level the cost would be very prohibitive, with the general ethos of why most builders are building this car ( Roadster ), the "Book" gives a detailed drawing of how to make ones own pedal box that is functional & relatively inexpensive to make, or there are others suppliers that supply the completed item, but with all due respect, almost a third of the price of your part, without compromising quality & function of use etc.

In all honesty, the price of your pedal box would be 10% of my total "on the road" build cost, which I couldn,t justify on my build.

I wish you well with your venture but think you are targeting the wrong market with these products, after all , the book we all build from is titled "Build your own sports car on a budget" admittedly it doesn,t state a budget level but 299 for a pedal box is even more than the title of the original book by Ron Champion "Build a sports car for 250", ( I know that its nigh on impossible to achieve ) but hope you see the relevance of the quote.

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