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Nope I've still yet to connect up the fan and cooling system really. I've had a look at the wiring diagram and as far as I can see the yellow black wire from the barrel goes to:

inst cluster (via fuse 22 - connected & earthed)
anti-theft module (removed)
fan relay (not connected)
power delay relay 5 (removed)
eec4 (removed)
edis (connected & earthed)

I also had a closer look at the fan relay in the wiring diagram and it's wires go:

barrel - black wire changing to yellow/black after a solder joint
fan switch - black wire
battery + (via fuse 33) - red wire
battery - brown wire

so I'm still a bit lost as to why I get continuity on the yellow/black wire at the barrel when the key is in position 0 or 1, but as soon as it goes to position 2+ it doesn't? Like you I can't understand why the fan not being connected would interfere but it's the only thing on the yellow/black route that isn't connected. I've checked all the earth wires for continuity (between the start of the wire and the battery - ) and they all checkout fine. the only other thing I can check I guess is if any of these fuses have gone?
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