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Old 23rd August 2009, 06:11 AM
Murray Ralls Murray Ralls is offline
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Default Rear Caliper Position

A wee note to free thinkers like me who are prone to not thinking enough. I reasoned to myself that it did not matter about the hub mounting hole positions on the rear uprights, why should they be vertical for disc brakes & horizontal for drums? After all the doner disc braked car had the calipers on top & if I made the holes horizontal both uprights would be the same & save confusion. So I welded them up that way, simple. Then had a thought while out execising. Better try the hubs & calipers on the finished product. Sure enough the calipers foul the top suspension arm attachment ears. Bugger! However there is always a way out & that is to swivel the hub through about 45 deg. to the rear. You can pick up 2 of the existing holes on the diagonal & drill & tap 2 new ones to suit but be careful to make 1 right hand & the other left hand. Instead of the calipers being vertical the will be at an angle, way cooler.
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Old 23rd August 2009, 09:57 AM
flyerncle flyerncle is offline
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Just make sure you can bleed them with the nipple at the top of the caliper.
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Old 23rd August 2009, 02:34 PM
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My rear calipers are to be fitted at 45 degrees rearward from vertical
it looks like theyll bleed ok and the hand brake cable should have a nice run
if they dont bleed bolted on its only two bolts to swivel them upwards bleed then refit
I did start a thread about this a while ago to replace the original that got lost.
you can always make convesion bracket like the 3ge ones to move the calipers
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