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Old 30th August 2011, 11:02 AM
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Default Instrument connections

Hi I'm in the process of fitting an Acewell Speedo, Rev counter etc and have a couple of questions about warning lights. I have tried to take most of the tell tale lights straigt off the Standard sierra Instrument connector.

1. The brake warning light appears to be activated by pulling the connection to ground how do I get 12v for my tell tale the wiring diagrams in the haynes manual appear to show a transistor being used to invert the voltage is there a simpler method ?

2. My High beam indicator stays on after hbeam has been switched off and also sometimes comes on just with side lights, if i measure the output with a DVM it shows as ov would a resistor between this pin and GRND help ? any ideas on a size ?

3. Fuel Gauge I cannot seem to interpret how this works at all, it appears that the sender provides a resistance to grnd is the correct ? If so guess I will need to invert the voltage in a simular way to the brake warning lights

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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Old 30th August 2011, 01:39 PM
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The switched +ve feed to the Acewell should provide all the power you need for the brake lights & fuel gauges.

The wires you are connecting are switched earths.

From memory I think Gus's HB warning light, lights really dimmly when sidelights & dipped beam on, becoming brighter when on main beam.

I think you may need to connect the warning light to the output of the relay directly and not the light going to the dash.

I used an premier wiring loom so it was a bit easier to fit the Acewell.

OTR 01/05/14 - 1.6 CVH, Type 9, Bike Carbs, Megajolt
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Old 5th September 2011, 11:42 AM
Ashtonr Ashtonr is offline
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Thanks Dave your spot on the brake warning light did want a negative I didn't read the Guage wiring diagram properly. All working now my problem was my earth to the gauges.

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