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Old 27th October 2012, 12:57 PM
ayjay ayjay is offline
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Albert I feel your pain. I've been around in Eastern Europe and Africa and understand how things work and the huge wall of bureaucracy and often corruption to wade through.I am a realist too and would have no concerns about presenting someones car for testing .My concern was the "ringers"-using the details of say a scrap car to run an untested self build and other potentially dangerous practices.

I'm happy to "buy" your car and "sell" it to you after testing.
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Old 28th October 2012, 03:43 PM
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alga alga is offline
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ayjay, thanks for your kind offer, I'll keep it in mind if closer places don't work out.
Haynes Roadster FAQ | Haynes Builder Locations
Gallery, build thread in Lithuanian / via Google Translate.
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Old 29th October 2012, 11:55 AM
tazzy5918 tazzy5918 is offline
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Hy guys

as far as i can see this has become quite a debate betwen two poits of view.
No one wants to drive an unsafe car on a public road...my life is the most important thing. In this case ,if we are talking about safety..a Lotus 7 is not a safe car at all..let s face it....not even an original Caterham...let s think about a side impact,or back or even front impact...is unsafe in every ways...have you ever see a crash test with a Lotus 7? I didn t ..but i can imagine.
On the other hand...if you want a race car but still a safe one not even a Donkervorth is good enough....A Lotus 7 is about something else...is about the pleasure of driving a car made by yourself..the satisfaction comes from inside of yourself.
It s our baby...we have spent houndred of hours ,a lot of money etc...for what?
No one wants to hurt his baby,his pride.
I have seen an original Lotus 7 and i can say it s not a lot better than mine. The front wings shaking like hell,a huge gap between the nosecone and the bonnet,brake lights working every now and then etc...even if i have the money i wouldn t pay 30 000 euro at least for it.
In my case ( and i m not the only one for shure) the pleasure was huge during the construction but i will not pay for registration here as much as the car cost me so far( around 4000 euro) ..this is the reason i was thinking for some other ways of getting the car on the road.

Buying the papers of a crashed Lotus sounds tempting..if anyone knows where to find.

Have you seen my car ? Any sugestions so far? Keep in touch.
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