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Old 12th September 2012, 08:28 PM
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Hi Nathan,
Good to see you back
I hope you are getting sorted out with all the problems you had recently.
Life's short and you need to make the most of it.

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Old 12th September 2012, 10:04 PM
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Hope everything is sorted out/being sorted out now Nathan and that things are looking up for you
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Old 13th September 2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by shh120m View Post
Hello all,

Ive not been on here for a while due to a few ups and downs in my life and a bit of embarrasment for not being able to refund all the last orders straight away, partly my fault but partly due to unforeseen circumstances. But theres a kink of light at the end of the tunnel now.

I believe Andrew has made a new set of molds from the Saturn bodywork and will be supplying bodywork in his spare time for something to do ( and I dare say to get a break from the kids!!). But that’s down to him, I wish him the best of luck and im sure he will be along shortly.

Now… its very easy to knock a man when hes not around to defend himself so now im back…

Trick kit and mr Barry Pudsey

You told me that your Saturn body kit was completely rubbish and that it was completely unusable. I originally told you that I would replace the panels and take away the “rubbish” set. When I arrived at your address, after driving 400 miles in good faith I found that the only panel that was crap was the scuttle, where the matting hadn’t been pushe right into the corner and the gel had cracked. Which by the way is sometimes easily overlooked, especially as you were rushing Andrew to get the original kit finished before Christmas. Every other panel looked absolutely fine. There will always be slight imperfections in something that is hand made, you showed yourself how small imperfections were in your photos, there were a few dots of dust no bigger than the tip of a sharpened pencil in the gelcoat.
Never the less I allowed you to keep all of the panels and I kept only the bonnet, again this was a good item. So what you have against me personnaly I don’t know. And Mr trickkit, I have never met you so how you got that remark from “the horses mouth” I don’t know

I tried my very best to please everyone I dealt with, and I had a lot of happy customers (over 120 in six months worth of trading. 301 fabricated parts and 126 off the shelf products. I had 12 transactions in this time which had complaints). Im not perfect, and I admit there have been a few unhappy people, namely the ones waiting for a refund which is understandable, but slowly but surely im sorting them out. There has also been one or two bad eggs that have taken me for a ride, but im not going into that now I have always preferred to deal face to face rather than air dirty laundry in public, iv lost my temper on here in the past due to provocation but thats all water under the bridge now.

You can slag me off, but Im the one who gave up a great career to give it a go, i tried my best and i couldnt make it work financially, im not a business man and never will be. But I gave it a go, i took the risk, i take the consequences. May I ask what you have done apart from constantly knocking those that "do". Remember there are two kinds of people, those that do a good job and those that talk a good job.

Kind regards to all

ok im not happy with my body work and i under stand you picked up some of andys stuff after he had gone and i thank you for that. but if your going to make comment's about me at least have the decentcy of spelling my name right and making true comments
i kept my gob shut and didnt slag anyone of on the forum as its not my style even when you where both gone and i dont come here to start a sl4ging match

the new scuttle you supplied did this so was no better than the last by the way

having black paint brush hairs and multi colourd chips of other gel's is not ok in my book or uneaven streaky colour in gel ir lots of air bubles its not the 80' kitcar indutry anymore and the "that will do" is not ok!
i paid full price and waited my time to get my bodywork i spoke to andy before i orderd and he said he could do it for cristmas last year ok before i paid my money.
at the end of the day i wish i had just gone and spent my mony else where!

the other body suppliers and the the rest of the kit co. can do it and its all hand made.

i come here to this forum to try and be positive help others, improve the roadsters image and get good tips and pointers i dont have to do it. i like to do it and please dont come here to sl4g me off.
b!tching was here a while ago and it made this place a bad place so let not repeat
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Old 13th September 2012, 01:40 PM
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F@@k me baz stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think

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