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Old 29th August 2009, 01:13 PM
Tilly819 Tilly819 is offline
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Default Help Im having gearBox Crysis

Help Im having a Gear box Cyrsis

Hi all Im Having a very concerning crysis

Iv got the car up on the stands at the moment and have just been doing abit of testing and basicly when i let the clutch out to engage drive it really nice comes up to the bite, wheels start turning etc etc then once the cluch is about halft the 3 quarteres out i get a horrible grinding, clunking noise from the gear box,

Engine is a 2002 honda super blackbird.

Any ideas, i have a feeling its quite serious hoping its something to do with the clutch rather than the gear box itself, unfortunetly i now very little about gear boxes.???

Thanks Tilly
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Old 30th August 2009, 10:34 AM
flyerncle flyerncle is offline
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Take the drain plug out and see whats on the end of the magnet,if its furry with metal you may well have a problem.

Good luck
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Old 30th August 2009, 10:46 AM
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alga alga is offline
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Is there a magnet in the gearbox already in lieu of a filter or do you need to insert one?
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Old 30th August 2009, 12:35 PM
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davidimurray davidimurray is offline
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Hi Tilly

Apologises if you know this lot but here are a few basics to check.

1) Does the same thing happen in every gear (you should be able to get it going with no load at least in 4th - we used to do this on our engine dyno)

2) Does the noise continue all the way until the clutch is out? Does it do it with the clutch fully out?

3) What oil are you using - you must use motorbike oil, car oil contains extra slip additives that wet clutches don't like.

4) Have you taken the clutch out? Normally, when replacing the final plate in a pack it need to be 1 notch out from all the rest which I'm told is for anti-judder. Have you changed the clutch springs?

5) Can you take the spark plugs out of the engine, put it in gear with the clutch engaged, then turn the engine over using the prop - do you hear any grinding noises? Try this at different clutch engagements and gears.

6) In neutral, if you rev the engine do you get any noises with the clutch in/out. You should hear a change in the note and possibly a rattle, but no grinding/metallic noises

Let us know how you get on.
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